Day Nineteen


Time of Walk:  3:00 PM

Temperature:  41° F (felt like 35°)

My son and I walked at one of the Cook County Forest Preserve walkways today.  These huge swaths of land are scattered over Cook County and were set aside to preserve the wild heritage of the area (see history)–something that the inimitable Cook County has done right!

We often drive in these preserves, intentionally  routing our way through them, both because they’re pretty and because of reduced auto traffic.  We occasionally see deer crossing or in the fields at dusk, and we saw a dead one today.  It was quite a ways off the road, but I’m guessing it had been hit and tried to get back to the woods before dying.

Forest preserve

As I was walking through the Forest Preserve, I remembered back to the few times that I had been in-line skating here back in the mid-90s.  I wasn’t very good at it and spent most of my efforts trying to look like I knew what I was doing.  Every time I skated here, an expert would go speeding by, looking really confident and completely intimidating me.  Ah, fond memories.

Good day, good walk.


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