Day Eighteen


Time of Walk:  1:45 PM

Temperature:  37° F (felt like 30°)

Weather:  Sunny and Windy

My youngest had a half day today, and I enjoyed his company on my walk today.  We walked between approximately Mile 9.4 and Mile 10.2 (and back) on the Old Plank Road Trail (a 22 mile bike trail converted from a rail line).  

This section of the trail goes through historic Frankfort, Illinois, and gets downright crowded in the summer as it is largely surrounded by residential and retail areas.  We ourselves have ridden our bikes to this area from the east and stopped for ice cream before heading back east a couple of miles to our car.  It’s a nice summer activity.

Pedestrian bridge

West of downtown Frankfort is a unique pedestrian bridge that was built in 1999.  Today was the first time that I’ve been west of the bridge on the trail (because all of the ice cream places are east of the bridge).

Although I’ve been documenting my walks on The Old Plank Trail here (See Days Three, Five, Seven, Nine, and Seventeen), I’m going at it in such a haphazard way that I printed a copy of the map to physically highlight what I’ve covered to help me keep track. 🙂

Good day, good walk.


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