Day Sixteen


Time of Walk:  11:00 AM

Temperature:  34° (felt like 21°)

Weather:  Sunny

I stayed in my neighborhood again today.  I walked up to the bank and then to the auto mechanic to pick up our car.  I left in a bit of a rush and forgot my headphones.  That just left me and my thoughts on this walk.

As I was walking and looking down at my feet, I couldn’t help but notice how beat up these old shoes are looking.  I’ve had them for years, wearing them for many a walk.  I guess I should get a new pair, but they keep my feet happy, so I’m not going to replace them.  Yet.

I will, however, need to get a second pair of sweatpants at some point.  Therefore, if I make it through January with this resolution–walking everyday–I am buying some new workout pants as a reward.

I read on New Year’s Day that a good way to help make attainable resolutions is to:

  • Make specific goals.  Done.
  • Make reachable resolutions.  Done (hopefully).
  • Reward yourself along the way.  Sounds good to me.

(See what exciting things happen when it’s just me and my thoughts?)

Good day, good walk.


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