Day Fifteen

Time of Walk:  2:00 PM

Temperature:  33° F (felt like 25°)

Weather:  Sunny

On the headphones:  The Worst Hard Time

Another busy day…I did make a little time for a walk to the post office and around my neighborhood.  After all, a walk’s a walk!

I listened to some more of The Worst Hard Time, by Timothy Egan.  The book (about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s) is still going through the history of the panhandle areas of Oklahoma and Texas.  Once the Native Americans were defeated and the bison were mostly killed, the railroads and land speculators who owned some of the land at the time didn’t really know what to do it.  Those folks wanted to sell the land so badly that they would do or say anything.  The sales tactic that I found incredible was they had some “expert” say that “rain would follow the plow.”  He basically said that the plowed up soil, once stirred up in the air, would actually cause it to rain.  Insane.  No wonder disaster would soon follow…

Good day, good walk.


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