Day Five

IMG_20130105_093757Time of Walk:  9:15 AM

Temperature: 27° (felt like 22°)

Weather: Partly Sunny

Being Saturday, my husband joined us this morning after we dropped off our Christmas tree at the local nature center for “recycling” (sounds nicer and more succinct than “chipping up for ground cover”, I suppose).


We drove and parked near the eastern boundary of the railroad line turned bike path from Day Three.

My goal is to eventually walk all 22 miles of this trail.  Today we covered the trail from Mile Marker 0 to Mile Marker 1 (twice–once each direction).  Two miles is more than we’ve been walking in the cold, and it stretched my son’s limits a little bit, but he survived.


We did see this pretty burgundy-colored plant (surprising, for January!) along the path.  Knowing very little about poisonous foliage, we didn’t touch it; I haven’t been able to determine what it is yet.

Unfortunately we once again saw too much litter, including an Igloo cooler aside a fairly new tank vacuum.  I couldn’t help but muse if someone had rid themselves of some sort of criminal evidence in that vacuum cleaner.  I think my husband pretended not to hear me.



Good day.

Good walk.


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