Day Three

OPT2, 1.3.13
Time of Walk: 9:30 AM

Temperature:  26° F (wind chill 16°)

Weather:  Mostly cloudy (I missed the sun!)

My son’s still on holiday break, so the two of us bundled up and drove a few miles to a trail that our family has been biking on for years.  This trail is 22 miles long and was reconstructed from an abandoned railroad line in the mid-1990s.


We parked at JC Penney, walked behind the store to the trail, and headed east for a ways before turning around at an overpass and heading back.  On our walk we saw a runner and a few other walkers.  One of these was a reader-walker–you know, someone who reads a book while walking.  (By the way, we have a reader-walker who goes by our house daily, only stopping occasionally to pull out a highlighter and mark something.  I have no idea how these people keep from tripping.)  I was surprised to see a reader-walker on the trail in January, I must admit.


OPT3, 1.3.13

I noticed more litter and graffiti than I’d have liked. We had a  good walk though.

After we returned home, I looked up the history of the trail.  Of note:  In the mid-1800s, it took the railroad 6 years to construct the railway, but it took 20 years for the various government agencies, biking groups, and wildlife crusaders working together to take it apart.

Thankfully, they got it done.

P. S. One more sign along our walk:

OPT5. 1.13.13


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