Day One

I realize a huge percentage of New Years’ resolutions fail; I usually don’t even bother to make them.  I have, however, decided to resolve this year.  This is not a big life-changing resolution.  It’s not some generalized thing either, like eating healthier.

photo - Copy

My resolution for 2013 is to walk daily.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, I keep telling myself.  I’d walk the dog, if we had one.   Since I’m not a dog person, I’ll have to walk the non-dog.  At least I won’t have anything to scoop up!

I may not go very far.  I may not go very fast.  I’d like to walk outside, but if it’s nasty weather, I’ll do it inside.  I may walk to a destination.  I may listen to music.  I may listen to books.  I may just listen to the birds.  I must keep walking.  At least until March.

Moon, 1.1.13Ok, time to go.

Time of Walk: 7:10 AM

Temperature:  17° F (11° windchill)

Weather:  Clear and Crisp

What a lovely January day.

It was quiet, but for a few birds.  Being New Year’s, I only saw one car go by, one other person walking, and one dog, sitting quietly in his invisibly fenced yard.  I heard a couple of dogs inside their homes though.  I wondered how their owners could be sleeping at all.  I took my non-dog and walked quietly home.


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